Did You Know?   Tickets sales usually only cover 40% or less of the cost of running a theater.

Without you, there is no theater! You make theater possible!  Today, help make better live theater happen by donating as little as $5.00 or $200,000.00 or more! It's all up to you. The amountmoney 1 is not important but giving is. Become a supporter today!

BAT is a not-for-profit (IRS 501(c) (3)) entity, staffed by volunteers.  One hundred percent (100%) of your tax-deductible contribution goes toward the production of better live theater, BAT's day-to-day overhead (rent, utilities, office supplies, and the like) and capital improvements!

BAT depends upon you to survive; we need cash, in-kind donations, and volunteers.  BAT has been making better live theater since 1980, and its roots reach back to the first live theater in Burien in 1955.


Mail your donations to:


P.O. Box 48121

Burien, WA 98148

Or, Donate online at BAT's secure website: Donate Today!

You can also donate through the Network for Good - HERE.

Or donate online when you buy a ticket! 


BAT Theatre's supporters for its 2020-21 season include:

ARCHANGELS: $10,000 or more

 In Memory of Craig Orsinger


ANGELS: $5,000 to $9,999


BENEFACTORS: $2,000.00 to $4,999

Anonymous (1)

City of Burien

Scott Gifford

Paul & Laura Gould

Gary Long

Sally Nelson


THESPIANS: $1,000 to $1,999

Scott Wilson & Sherry Brandt

Dean Byrd & Jean Evans - In Memory of Lauretta Bryd


PATRONS: $500 to $999


Anonymous (1)

David Miller

Sally Nelson

Fran Schopick

Seattle Southside Chamber of Commerce

Rachelle Voie



Belinda Allender

Amazon Smile (from your shopping at Amazon)

Scott Barker

Lolly Bates

Fred Bigelow

Andrew Bleeker

Lance Bowmen & Kat McNeill

Stan Brooks

George "Boomer" Counts

Jayne DeHaan

Diane Gaskill

John & Eileen Gray

Todd Hulseman

Carleen Kiel

Philip & Rachael Levine

Judith Macias

David & Penny Miller

Kathleen & Bruce Norquist

The Reamer Family

Carl & Donna Richardson

Saundra Sutton

Tim Takechi



Patrick Allen

Anonymous (2)

Mark Bueing

Dena Burke

Sybil DeRoux

Jean Evans

Robert Falk

Victoria Hall

Nancy Hori

Keith Johansen

Blaine Kinnebrew

Lynette Klien

Kroger - (turn your shopping at Fred Myer into a donation)

Melissa McClintock

Jody McCoy

Linda Michael

Charles Perkins

Laurie Rodger

Lynda Rosendal

Judi Schrager

Jean Spohn

Richard Springer

Bret Torbeck

Nancy Tosta

Connie Walker

Rochelle Wyatt


KEY GRIPS: $25 to $49

Darren Anderson

Anonymous (1)

Carrie Bagatell

Philip Blackmarr

Joanne Brown

Alan Bryce

Benita Buchanan

Kathy Burrows

Rick Cambell

Pamela Cater

Barb Chamberlain

Avis Cowley

Michelle Dangol

Dennis Eaton

Dennis Fogh

Pamela Jorgensen

Janan Hashim

Margerie Heagerty

Melissa Henderson

Chris Henshaw

Joyce Holladay

David Hutchison

Keith Krumm

John Mantle

Network For Good (The) your giving through Facebook (Anonymous - 2)

Madeline Novek

Virginia Nusca

Mary O'Malley

Celia Pederso

Karyne Pesho

Goldie Pontrelli

Pat Price

Damielle Rodger

Denise Schalow Sachs

Erin Segarra

Sharon Shrader

June Stacey-Clemons

Mark Steinberg

Riley Stickard

Tim Tao

Lind Valentovich

Stevie VanBronkhorst

Mike West

Amanda Youngblood



Jessica Allan

Deann Anguiano

Anonymous (1)

Corey Atencio

Reina Bear

John Blaue

Rachel & Shane Bowers

Tom Brophy

Kathleen Fruge Brown

Julia Buck

Linda Castillo

Avis Cawley

Samantha Chung

Lenore Clarke

Laura Colasurdo

Michelle Conklin

Adrienne Cook

Michael Cooper

George Counts, Sr.

Kathryn Crane

Conwell Dickey

Kathleen Dyer

Susan Echos Orton

Dan Edwards

Ceri Ellen

Caitlin Gilman

Clara Gipson

Metta Girma

Rochelle Graham

Hilary Grilley

Jessamyn Hager

Adam Hegg

Larry Hegg

Richard Holladay

Claudia Holladay

Ronald Howe

Carolynn Howsley

Dennis Huges

Janise Humeniuk

Christina Imm

Pamela Jorgensen

Diane Keller

Corinne Kelly

Sanda Kirchner

Edward Littlefield

Sheila Long

Denise Martel

Lila May

Barbara McMichael

Gilbert Mendonsa

Lorene Miller

Katie Mitchell

Denise Mohr

Marga NewComb

Carol O'Brien

Kathy O'Neill

Dave Olsen

Tracy Petty

Loretta Phillips

Billy Potts

Patricia Renolds

Christina Rice

Jenifer Rifenbery

Olivia Robinson

Devin Rodger

Cecellia Rodger

Julie Scougale

Ken Shama

Trillian Spencer

Caitlin Sussman

Jennifer Torrence

John Van de ven

Catherine Warren

Elizabeth Weets

Rachel Wilcox-Miana

Fern Zimmerman

Mail your donations to: 


P.O. Box 48121

Burien, WA 98148

Or donate on our secured donation page by clicking here!

Donate Today!

BAT receives donations when you purchase from Amazon Smile and select BAT as your charity.

BAT receives donations when you shop at Fred Meyer (Kroger) and register BAT as your charity.

BAT Theatre has also received corporate matching funds from:

The Boeing Company


The Network for Good

The Seattle Foundation

Check with your employer to see if they will match your gift


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